Freed Up Thoughts

Freed Up Thoughts

Freed Up Thoughts was my first crack at blogging, and was started out of a desire to share my discoveries while exploring free and open source software (FOSS).

Between 2010 and 2015 Freed Up Thoughts was reimagined on multiple occasions changing focus from FOSS to photography, Android and other tech news.

The site was as much a blog as it was a test bed for web technologies emerging during the period. Freed Up Thoughts was initially launched on, before moving to Blogger, and then to a self-hosted WordPress install in 2013.

The project was retired in 2015 after I graduated from Winona State University. Freed Up Thoughts in its many iterations are now archived on and accessible via the Way Back Machine.


Much of the posts published on Freed Up Thoughts were written during a period where I was still discovering my narrative style. As such much of the writing is rather poor.

The quality improved some with later entries. Notable posts include a retrospective on Apple's Mac OS 9 and the early days of Mac OSX.

Retrograde: Using Mac OS 9 In 2015 - Freed Up Thoughts
I spent the better part of this morning getting Mac OS 9 running in an emulator called sheepshaver, so I could get my copy of Apple Works up and running.
Retrograde: Mac OS 9 to OS X the NeXT Big Step - Freed Up Thoughts
OS X was a complete reimagining of Apple’s operating system, rebuilt from the ground up. It was also, in it’s infancy, necessitating a careful, calculated transition from OS 9.

Note: these posts should not to be construed as writing samples or a representation of my pedigree as a writer.