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Looking for the inside track on Winona’s latest educational enigmas, county conundrum or criminal case? Never miss a beat as the Winona Daily News’ terrific editorial team keeps you on the up and up on what’s going down in the Island City.

Inside Winona: Ep: 12 – Play explores the disparate lives of two escaped slaves in Winona

At the dawn of the Civil War two escaped slaves made their way to Winona, one found success, the other destitution.

In her latest play, “Mister James and Mister Jeff,” retired Third District Court judge and playwright Margaret Johnson explored the men’s lives and the impact Winona had on their fates.

This week on Inside Winona we sat down to talk with Johnson to talk about her latest production which premier at the Masonic Temple Theater May, 16-19.

Inside Winona: Ep: 11 – Breaking down Winona’s housing market with county recorder Bob Bambenek

Despite a rough start to the year, punctuated by bitter cold and record setting snowfall, Winona’s housing market remains as competitive as ever. This week on Inside Winona, we sat down with Winona County Recorder Bob Bambenek to talk about, among many things, what the recorder’s office does and the unique perspective it gives him on Winona’s often challenging housing market.

Inside Winona: Ep: 10 – Your cheatsheet to Mid West Music Fest 2019

Starting tomorrow night, Winona’s streets are set to come alive with the sound of music with the official kick off of the 10th annual Mid West Music Fest.

In this episode of Inside Winona, Daily News editor John Casper Jr. breaks down this year’s must see acts, a few oddities including an Elvis Presley impersonating clown and a few tips for first time fest goers.

Learn more about this year’s Mid West Music Fest at

Inside Winona: Ep: 9 – Winona’s Guardian Angels

Dial just three numbers and help is only seconds away. In this week’s episode of Inside Winona, reporters Maddy Heim and Tobias Mann explore the lives of Winona’s own guardian angels, the dispatchers working behind the scene to keep the Island City safe and sound.

Learn more about Winona’s dispatchers and their day to day struggles online at

Inside Winona Ep: 6 – Gov. Walz’s budget and what it means for Winonans

During his first visit to Winona since taking office in January, Gov. Tim Walz spoke before a small crowd of city officials, community leaders and local business owners Tuesday about his proposed biennial budget. During the stop, he stressed the importance of local government aid to ensuring the safety and quality of life Minnesotans have come to expect.

Wednesday, reporters Maddy Heim and Tobias Mann broke down the governors visit and what it could mean for Winonans. However, it remains unclear whether Walz will be able to garner the necessary support in the Minnesota Senate to make his vision a reality.

Inside Winona Ep: 5 – Renaissance Man — Preserving Winona’s past with Mayor Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson is arguably best recognized as the mayor of Winona, but he’s been living a double life. For the last 36 years he’s worked to save and preserve Winona’s history one document, photograph and building at a time. Last week the Winona Daily News sat down with Peterson to discuss his tenure with the Winona County Historical Society.

Inside Winona Ep: 4 – Third time’s the charm? Exploring Andrew Brenner’s plans for Madison school

After pulling two proposals to put apartments in the former Madison Elementary school, real estate developer Andrew Brenner, who purchased the building from Winona Area Public Schools in December, says he wants to turn the former school in to a child care facility. In this episode of Inside Winona reporters Tobias Mann and Maddy Heim dig into Brenner’s new plan.

Inside Winona Ep: 2 – Frac sand and murder, Winona heads to the state Supreme Court

This week, the island city will be at the center of two high profile court cases scheduled to begin oral arguments before the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Tuesday, Ricky Darnell Waiters, who is currently serving out a life sentence for the murder of one and injury of another outside a West End bar in 2016, will appeal his conviction, while on Wednesday, Winona County’s controversial frac sand ban will once again be put to the test.

But in a somewhat unique twist, neither of these hearings will take place in a courthouse. Instead Waiters’ appeal will be heard by approximately 600 students at Humboldt High School in St. Paul, while the frac sand case will be held at the University of Minnesota Law School.

To learn more about these cases at

Inside Winona Ep: 1 – From the Chicago ‘burbs to the city council — Eileen Moeller’s journey

Last November Eileen Moeller changed the face of the Winona City Council when she unseated 32-year veteran Gerry Krage to take the city’s 2nd Ward. Moeller is something of a rising star in Winona’s bustling art scene. She is the director of marketing and sales for the Great River Shakespeare Festival and has served on the Women’s Resource Center Board and the Fine Arts Commission. Last week the Winona Daily News sat down with Moeller to discuss her journey from college student from the Chicago ‘burbs to shaping Winona’s future on the City Council.



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